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Gahwah 360⁰ was created out of love for special arabic coffee blends, aromatic flavours, and a commitment to superior Arabic coffee quality. “Gahwah 360⁰” is derived from our belief in “aromatic and sophisticated taste with love”. Our objective is to help you discover all your senses in 360⁰. Enjoy and live happily. Our Arabic coffee groups are easy and instant coffee consisting of a special blend of Arabic coffee and aromatic flavours, with a commitment to the quality of Arabic coffee and the modern preparation of coffee. Coffee 360 is a collection of blends that suits all tastes of Gulf and Arab communities. Coffee 360 was made to withstand the fast pace of life today while maintaining the quality of traditional Arabic coffee, and it comes ready to export for the rest for the world


BHD 10.000/Unit

Gahwah360 Gift mix

BHD 5.000/Unit

Shaqrah 0.5L

BHD 2.000/Unit

Shaqrah Box

BHD 2.000/Unit

Hanteya 0.5L

BHD 2.000/Unit

Hanteya Box

BHD 3.000/Unit

Fatinah 0.5L